• That bachelor hands those gals a single rose. Whatever. You’re worth a whole lot more than one rose babe.


    • Gorgeous isn’t it? Same thing I said about you a minute ago.


    • Lovely to look at, delightful to hold, looking at you babe, just never gets old.


    • I've never seen flowers like this before. Kinda caught me off guard. I had to look them up to see if they were real. That’s what having you into my world was like too. You amaze, you know that? Never known anyone like you.


    • Beautiful. You and these flowers are both just beautiful.


    • A little something to brighten your day. You brighten mine, so just returning the flavor.


    • Today has been an emotional roller coaster...but the nice thing is that roller coasters have tracks that keep it going in the general direction that it's supposed to. Thanks to the person that was my track today.


    • I like the way you’re arranged…


    • Need some additional ideas? Ones specifically for different occasions other that simply wanting to love up on someone? This florist actually dedicated an entire section of their site to giving people thoughts to place in a bouquet card. We’re not affiliated with them on any level, but KUDOS to them for recognizing how many people this stands to help.