• You handle our life beautifully. I just want to stop and say that to you today. That, and thank you.


    • I’m ok with putting up with your steroid side-affects. It’s not half as bad as morning med breath.


    • Do you know how wonderful it feels to wake up each day and know we slayed yesterday? Ok, we survived it. Slaying it makes for a cooler text.


    • I appreciate all the extra kindnesses you do for me in addition to everything else.


    • Tired of messages like 
Good Morning? 
Have a nice day 
and so on? 
Here's a new one – I hope your meds don’t take too long to lay out for the week.


    • Before I heard the doctors tell the dangers of a kiss; I had considered kissing you the nearest thing to bliss.
 But now I know biology, and sit and sigh and moan; 
six million mad bacteria & I thought we were alone!


    • Love is what makes two people squish on to the middle of a hospital bed when there’s a pull out sleep chair, two feet away.


    • Your gentleness in caring for me sure makes a difference.


    • You are never too busy for me.


    • Thinking about how compassionate you are. You’re pretty wonderful.


    • Life is not a waste as long as there is at least one person in the world who cares for you. So when things go wrong and you feel like giving up – remember you’ve got ME!


    • Life is at its weakest when there's more doubts than trust, but life is at its strongest when you learn how to trust despite the doubts.


    • A smile is - The lighting system of the face, 
the cooling system of the brain, 
the healing system of the heart. 
Several more ways you take such good care of me…


    • Hey there, 
just stopping in to say you help bring my pain numbers down. Thank you.


    • Contrary to how it feels, life is not a list of problems needing to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed. Let’s refocus on that today.


    • You are the light of my world, the music in my heart and 
the first thought of my day. Well, unless you count, "Get out of the way, I gotta go to the bathroom."


    • Remember that you are needed. 
There is at least one important work to be done 
that will not be done unless YOU do it.


    • Trusting this process won’t make the mountain smaller, 
but it will make climbing a little easier. We can climb together.


    • I can’t make all this go away, but I can try to make the load lighter by having your back.


    • Every bad situation has something positive...Even a Clock that has stopped is correct twice a day. Right? Damn clocks.


    • You understand me even when I’m sobbing.


    • You at least pretend to do what I suggest.


    • I love the way you appreciate all the not-so-big things I do for you.


    • You never snore while I’m talking to you.


    • There are six billion people on earth. I need you to choose life, because I would miss you despite the other 5,999,999,999 people. Not one of them could replace you.