• Draw a bath, possibly with lavender to soothe and relax.


    • Freshly washed sheets always ooze comfort. Encourage then to take a nap; it’s proven to curb hunger. Fluff their pillows for them.


    • Make a schedule to eat when they are not around or if you’re at work. Don’t eat or drink in front of them.


    • Give up something you love that evening or until their test is over and they can eat again. Join forces!


    • Play a card of board game; this engages the mind and distracts.


    • Use essential oils/buy essential oils that curb appetites, such as any spice or:


    Peppermint: a digestive aid that soothes a upset stomach and help with digestive problems.


    Grapefruit: a natural weight-loss appetite-suppressant, through a process called lipolysis, that dissolves fat. (Combines very well with lavender for aromatherapy.


    Bergamot: stimulates your endocrine system and produces a sense of calm and well-being, alleviating stress. Lavender can also be combined with bergamot to enhance the calming effect.


    Tangerine: a diuretic; also used to calm the nervous system.


    Orange: helps overcome depression and gives emotional support.


    Ylang ylang: used to clarify thoughts and assist in a feeling of wellness and calm.


    Patchouli: used as a sedative and relaxation aid.


    • Offer to massage these three areas for them:



    Major appetite control point is situated just beneath and behind the earlobe. There is a spot right behind the area where the earlobe meets the skin. This area can be very tender. Use caution while pressing this point for 60 seconds up to a few minutes before eating to reduce appetite and hunger.


    Upper lip:

    Another major control point for appetite suppression is located between the upper lip and nose in the center. To be exact, it is one third of the way from the nose. Press or manipulate this area with a moderate pressure for 60 seconds to a few minutes to decrease your appetite.



    When massaging your ears or face is not appropriate, you can press this point more discreetly. The outer elbow point is located at the end of the crease and helps to regulate intestinal activity and clear excess heat and moisture from the body. Bend arms and press.


    • Have a MIND-OVER-MATTER, MAKE-A-CHOICE conversation between the two of you… So, maybe this wasn’t a choice, make it one. You didn’t ask for this test or surgery; you didn’t choose to fast. When we don’t’ choose something, it feels like it’s out of our control, like we have no say in the matter. Well, make a new choice. Make this your mantra for the moment… “I choose this fast. I believe it has a purpose. I open myself up to the benefits that come from the choice to fast. I expect results. I am in charge of me. The only thing I have control over is me. So, I choose to fast and declare that I have the strength to do so.”