5 Be BRAVE reminders to send in their pockets for HARD days:
  • Locate your closest Build-A-Bear store, or go online (www.buildabear.com), and buy one of their miniature sound boxes that are supposed to be placed in their stuffed animals. The cost is $8.00. Record a small voicemail to your partner. NOTE: These only hold ten seconds of record time. You can ask other people to add their voice to the message if you can get them together for five minutes to assist in this project, or record them over the phone. You can do a handful of these if you choose and switch them out. (Include a short list of reassuring words that can be used here, or ten songs.)
  • Small flat-pill container switched up to hold something like a strong mint, lemon drop, anything that will startle the oral senses in order to distract. Products we’ve seen work are: • Altoid Cinnamon Mints • Trebor Extra Strong Mints • Meltzer’s Ginger Pure Mints • Quench Sports Gums • Cry Baby Extra Sour Gum (we hate the name, but the product works)
  • Tiny airtight container with a swab of cloth dipped in scented oils for centering on. Include a note that reads, Remember to breathe. • Cinnamon • Vanilla • Clove • Citrus • Lilac • Sandalwood • Coffee
  • Laminated (or use clear packaging tape) copy of their fingerprint (or anyone’s if you can’t get theirs). Include a note that reads: To remind you that you’ve touched MANY lives, and left your mark, whether you see it or not. AND others are waiting for you to add your mark to their lives. (Can add people’s lives you know they’ve touched on the back.)
  • A penny wrapped up tightly in a dollar bill. --- Because all your small acts of bravery may not feel valuable to you in the moment, but added up, they’re the making of a spending spree.