Whether you opt for walk clocks, alarm clocks, watches with faces or pocket watches, this idea works. Decide on a date and time in your life, when something important, meaningful, or magical took place and was shared with your special someone. Set a time piece to that time. Make sure the time pieces aren’t battery driven or wound. What type of time piece you’ve chosen will dictate where you place it so that it will be seen, whether for the day, or even in the long term.


If you’ve gone for wall clocks, feel free to do just one, or actually start a collage of them on a wall in your home. You can choose to place a picture close by that also depicts something about that moment. Write a sentence or two about what took place, and why was it memorable for you relationship wise. Those can be taped up on the wall by the clock, even framed for those who want to track that way. --- Whether it’s one clock, or multiple clocks, it’s a nice gesture and marker for your partner. It celebrates US moments. If you opt for only one, only you can decide if you want to leave it at one specific time permanently, or change it out as time goes along to other moments you want to highlight.


This same idea carries over to the other time pieces. All of the time pieces can be found at thrift stores so they’re not budget breakers. The watches and pocket watches are something that can be carried around in the recipient’s pockets once you’ve handed it to them along with your note. Tie a string to them attached to the note, or give it unattached. We’ve seen people create a small jar of these (with the watch bands removed) as a way to communicate just how many moments come along. Cover a dresser with the alarm clocks. Have a frame store mount a time piece for you, or take the glass of a frame yourself and glue it on a nice backing. One that can sit on a desk, or be hung on a wall, it’s up to you to decide where they’ll have it in eyes view.