Here’s another great JAR idea! Everyone’s heard of time capsules. We submit they don’t all deserve to be buried. Sometimes, maybe often, they frankly can serve a greater purpose remaining in full site. Over time, you may need a larger and larger jar. Or start a shelf of a jar a year, and then store them as you deem best.


But the beauty of keeping this gift running, is that as you fill it for your partner, or you choose to fill it with your partner, it serves to keep both of your remembering what all you really have shared. What you DO share.


Seasons of intense medical, can rob of us by making a blur out of things we wish it didn’t. That, or hold our thoughts with images we’d possibly rather forget.


Others are dealing with permanent memory struggles.


These jars being out and in the open serve as a visual or tactile, concrete bridge to what’s made you, YOU.


Feel free to surprise one another with what you feel deserves to be in the jars. It may look different for one of you verses the other. Be positive. Be brave. Be a participant as best you’re able. And lastly, don’t feel compelled to have to explain or share the details of your time capsules to anyone else. Keeping them JUST your memories is part of the strength & strategy of this idea.