Short on storage space? This is often a reality check for many in our differing ZZ communities, here’s a list of great games that come in small boxes. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a good sizes footprint once being played though, we have other game categories that factor in that need. All games are under $20. Feel free to cruise our section called Pocket Sized Couples Games, as well as the section called Games That Don’t Require Flat Surfaces.


  • GRIFTERS by Indie Boards and Cards


  • FOX IN THE FOREST By Foxtrot Games


  • BOHNANZA By Rio Grande Games. This is the first in a popular series of 3. There’s also BOHNANZA THE DUEL , and BOHNANZA HIGH BHON PLUS BOHNAPARTE (Note* The last of the series requires more than 2 players though.)


  • GYRATING HAMSTERS CARD GAME: Original Version By Gyrating Hamsters LLC


  • PINSPACE – By PinSpace


  • SET: A VISUAL PERCEPTION GAME by Set Enterprises