Gossip shouldn’t have a place in any of our lives. We all know it. But it absolutely has NO PLACE in our relationships with our partners,when that entails talking in ways that would leave them wounded if they heard it happening.


We all vent. But that’s not the same thing as gossiping. One comes out of a need to settle ourselves down and refocus on moving past whatever got verbally vomited. Something you just HAD to get out of your system.


But simply airing our relational dirty laundry, or smack talking our lovers just needs to be 100% off limits. Because it doesn’t just color the images in the listener, but it also silently erodes our own emotional ties to our partner.


We’d like to encourage you all to mutually gift one another some type of really cool garbage can. Ones you’ll see daily. And do it with the promise that you won’t trash talk one another.