Why do we love a good printed magazine? Let us count the ways…


  • They’re still something you can tangibly hand your partner, whether as a way to take a break, a way to refocus, or a tool to use to focus through.


  • They give you an opportunity to enlarge and inspire their world. Not to be underestimated or valued.


  • It makes room for you to stop and read to them, YES, out loud, and hearing your voice along with receiving your time and attention is a gift. Each time you do it. One article at a time, or several. PLUS, you can do it over the phone if need be.


  • Magazines make room for you to circle words, and create your own Word Find as they read through all the pages. Let them know you’ve left them an adventure that in the end, when they write it all out,forms a one sentence message you want them to read from your heart to theirs.


  • Don’t want to circle words? There’s always post it notes hidden amongst the pages baring messages from you.


  • Getting them a monthly or weekly magazine, whether off the rack or one you have delivered to you, gives you the chance if you take advantage of it, to connect with a pattern they can begin to count on. And that builds not only trust, but a sense of security they’ll come to look forward to. As will you.