This seems as though it would be a no brainer suggestion, but we’ve found it’s not.


Obviously hearts and items that are colored red, traditionally represent the whole romance arena. As such, they can be viewed as over used. We’d like to suggest, that’s simply not possible.Every single time you stop and remind one another that you’re loved, and celebrated rather than just tolerated, it stabilizes both partner’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. It’s reassuring. All of which are priceless.


So keep your eyes open for HEARTS. They make them year around, not just for Valentine’s Day. (Though by all means, feel free to capitalize on that time of year to stock up. Especially on those following days when everything left over goes on clearance. Just the wrapping paper with hearts alone is worth that stop at a store to pick up. It comes in handy year around.)


Look for everyday items that can be useful rather than just taking up space, that are red. Sheets, towels, kitchen items, office supplies, etc.


This is genuinely a budget friendly gift idea when you keep those eyes open.