For those who love someone who has the need to use medical supplies throughout the day, how about fixing them up with some fancier ways to keep those supplies around when they’re at work? Maybe something that allows them a greater level of privacy, while at the same time, actually adding something cool, classy and completely incognito to their environment.


Taking into consideration what those supplies are for your specific situation, here are some suggestions from our team who have turned these thrift shop finds into contemporary storage. Everything represented here was secured for less than $10:


Tall boxes created to hold bottles of wine. They come in so many varying designs:

  • For Foley catheters, sterile cotton swabs, large straws, rolls of bandages or gauze, Aero-Chambers, etc... We fit in one incontinence brief, a small bag of sanitary wipes, a tiny tube of hand sanitizer, a ziplock style plastic baggie plus a colored plastic grocery bag for privacy disposal wise.


Vintage tins, hat boxes, stacking boxes etc.:

  • These will hold all levels of medical supplies depending on what you’re needing. Again, incontinence supplies come to mind. We also placed Nebulizer machine, a couple masks and the RX fish in one. Think Stoma supplies, feeding tubes + syringes, port care products, and so on. There’s a ZZ team member who placed a lock box with meds in theirs. They also brought a couple ice packs in per day for their insulin needs along with a small frozen food insulated bag and placed them in their container of choice.


Tackle and tool boxes:

  • They fit right in with all things garage, fixer upper, throw it in the trunk or back of the truck look etc. These too can hold no small amount of supply options.  Bryan, one of our ZZ contributors in NYC says he keeps his fidgets and anxiety based self-help items in his. One of his co-workers at his firm keeps hygiene helps in his, as he needs oral swabs and sputum cups nearby, as well as adult bibs he can access and then replace according to his privacy and comfort zones.


Anyway, you all get the idea. Be creative. Even if it’s around the house. Or ESPECIALLY if it’s around the house.Elevating our environment in small little ways when it affects self-esteem or self-confidence is a score.