Head to a thrift store and pick yourself up a cake plate, we have found dozens of them in the $10 range. Try to snag one with a dome, as it helps with some potential uses as time goes along. Place it on a dresser, the middle of a kitchen table, on a file cabinet, the mantel; it’s your call. And as often as you opt to, place a single item in the middle of the plate as a small token of your affection for your special someone to find. The dome works for those days you opt to leave a food treat. But it also just looks sharp. The gifts you leave don’t have to be expensive. Short notes communicating something from your heart are never a bad plan. But it’s always there as a place to remind them, you’re thinking about them. We’ve created a mega list of ideas that you can use to carry out this idea. Here’s a list of 100 ideas.


Small Gifts For Glass Cake Plate


  1. Bath bombs / bath salts
  2. Chocolate
  3. Other candies
  4. A single flower
  5. A potted flower
  6. Snacks (sweet or savory --- Cheese n Crackers, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cupcakes, Mini Pie, Fresh Berries, Rice Krispy Treats, Veggie Sticks n Dip, Popcorn, olive plate, Hummus n crackers, pretzels, jerky, peperoni sticks, bagels and cream cheese, fondue makings, nuts, Doughnut, Seeds, Cookies, bowl of sugar cereal)
  7. Tea & Tea Cup / tea bag rest
  8. Coffee / new coffee cup
  9. Sketch pad
  10. Pencils
  11. Coloring page and pens
  12. Handmade card
  13. Love note
  14. Bubbles
  15. Water balloons
  16. New socks
  17. Fancy underwear
  18. Warm gloves
  19. Tic Tac Toe game
  20. Hangman game
  21. A joke / book of jokes
  22. Nerf gun
  23. Book
  24. Hot chocolate marshmallows
  25. Spoon mix-ins for hot drink
  26. Ice Cream Sundae toppings
  27. Candle
  28. Scented oil
  29. Smores makings
  30. A poem
  31. Yoyo
  32. Barrel of Monkeys
  33. Play dough
  34. Adult novelty/Intimacy aid
  35. Flavored lubes
  36. Coupon for???
  37. Jewelry
  38. Golf balls
  39. Frisbee
  40. Rubber bands for a war
  41. Paper airplane with note written on it
  42. Furry Handcuffs
  43. Small balloons filled with helium, one without plus gift/note inside
  44. Shells
  45. Interesting rocks
  46. Painted rock
  47. Something you found on a walk together
  48. Photo of you guys
  49. Photo of a memory that you’ve written a note about
  50. Photo pertaining to an interest of theirs or a magazine article
  51. Postcard (antique postcards)
  52. Mailed letter that you wrote them
  53. Note from a longtime friend of theirs
  54. Collection of notes you’ve collected for them
  55. Mind game puzzle
  56. Crossword puzzle
  57. Word find games
  58. Bowl of favorite cold cereal
  59. Cartoon
  61. A DO YOU REMEMBER? Message
  62. New movie DVD
  63. New CD
  64. Tickets to a movie
  65. Tickets to a concert
  66. Ticket to a museum
  67. Ticket to a sporting event
  68. ANY OF THE ABOVE for them to take a friend
  69. New tool
  70. Craft project materials
  71. Nail care products
  72. Make up
  73. After shave or perfume
  74. Scavenger hunt first note
  75. Chap sticks
  76. Baseball Lids
  77. Fun t-shirt
  78. Lingerie
  79. Scarves
  80. Car freshener
  81. Cough drops
  82. Sun glasses
  83. Hand held electronic games
  84. Puzzle
  85. Friendship cards plus stamps
  86. Handmade Star Award Ribbon
  87. Balloons for making a balloon animal plus instructions
  88. Harmonica
  89. New hand soaps
  90. Fine pen set or cool pencils
  91. Disposable products so there’s no dishes
  92. Legos
  93. Note saying you’ve completed a chore they were expecting to have to do
  94. Coupon good for doing a chore for them
  95. Figurine
  96. Massage oil / muscle rub ointment
  97. Massage tool
  98. A message asking them questions about their world
  99. A message sharing something you’ve kept close to your chest for a while
  100. The TV remote with a coupon saying it’s theirs for 24 hours, or you won’t be needing it…