It can be a challenge figuring out what to give the partner who for any number of legit reasons has a smaller world than others. Boredom can be a huge issue. Lack of feeling useful, accomplished, or a part of life in general,

sneaks its way in, and erodes away the heart, mind and spirit all too quickly.


Help them get vested in something outside their corner of the world.

There are almost always ways to make that happen.

As their partner, it strengthens both of you to help in that process.


Not one of these ideas are a one size fits all solution. But at the very least, hopefully you can use them as a springboard to push off of.

Our last thought… these ideas aren’t directed at just one partner or the other.


  • Find a non-profit to volunteer with: Is there any specific people group they have a soft spot or passion for? What about a political agenda they want to see spotlighted? Could they turn their love for animals into helping a rescue? How about mentoring, which can be done on line?


             There ARE dozens of ways to assist organizations ranging from:


  • Assisting with bulk mailings
  • Using their crafting time and experience to create what others may NEED, ie: Blankets, hats, preemie outfits, decorated duffel bags for foster children, scrap books called “Lifebooks,” for children being adopted, etc.
  • Easy but time consuming computer based research
  • Can you take a turn taking a position on a hotline?
  • Do they speak a language fluently where they could volunteer to translate?
  • Creating greeting cards at holidays for their people groups.
  • Agree to pen pal individuals who may be in a rough season
  • Offer to be someone who sends notes of encouragement to those working for the organization in demanding or stretching positions. If it’s a small org, do it for all the team. Or write thank you cards to those team members spouses, kids, etc. telling them what a great job they’re doing and how sharing them is making a difference.
  • Locating coupons, GrouponsTM, Living SocialTM deals etc. for those who need to purchase products or services for their target group
  • Staying on top of wish-lists for those groups who manage and rely on them.
  • Can they take dictation or edit or blog?
  • Does your religious organization need someone to make calls tagging in with their members who’ve asked for that level of communication?
  • Is reaching out to crime victims an idea? Or on the other foot, inmates?


  • Along these same lines… Get them involved with another individual or two, who need some support rather than an entire organization:


  • Again, be available for regular tagging in with someone in order to reassure them that person isn’t forgotten.
  • Can they help participate in arranging help with them getting public transportation set up when needed?
  • Are you good at helping people create budgets or balance a checkbook?
  • Are they free to collect coupons for someone who needs them?
  • Can they call and read to someone who struggles with that or even just would enjoy listening for the sake of being read to? Foster kids come to mind…
  • Making calls for GoFundMe recipients, or assisting with those who are needing to communicate through CaringBridgeTM
  • Researching and creating menus for those who are on a special diet, or on a tighter budget than others. Put together a shopping list for them.
  • What about cooking for someone once a week, a dessert maybe?
  • If they have a faith conviction, maybe offer to pray with, or for someone regularly. Be someone who checks in asking how they can be praying.
  • Send out a weekly letter to someone. Everyone likes to get mail. Even if it’s on line, it’s welcome.
  • Encourage them to spend some time and find some money for them to use on:



  • Get them a Ham Radio: Yep, there’s a whole world out there waiting for them. It can be very cost friendly to step into, and isn’t an ongoing drain on the pocket book. It’s safe. Not challenging to learn or use. The communities are filled with folks who come from hundreds of thousands of walks of life. They’re noted for being welcoming and inclusive rather than exclusive, which is refreshing. They form circles focused on all kinds of topics. There’s always someone to talk to. It’s truly a worldwide door to those who want to explore what they can’t actually get to.


Note: There IS a test you have to take, but it’s not challenging. We kid you not. And there are places to turn to that will walk you through that test. ALSO, you HAVE to register as a Ham operator. We have spoken with individuals in the law enforcement arena, who have assured us, it’s a safe place to belong despite needing to register. THAT BEING SAID, do what your gut tells you. If you have any cause to not want your contact information accessible, don’t opt for this idea just for peace of mind sake. BUT WE LOVE this option to get people back into the game of life with others. Even if it’s just staying on the fringe listening in.



o   This guy produces really, really good Ham Radio related YouTube videos.

o   This is where to go to take the tests online:

o   Here's a good link describing the process:

o   Another good place where they can turn, to take practice exams:



  • Help them start a Facebook page dedicated to helpful or interesting facts: There’s a whole world of uniqueness inside your partner. Sides to the way they mind & heart ticks, that maybe right now, only you get to see. Gift them the power to believe you feel those sides would be valuable to others as well.


  • Maybe they can do a book club, or just a suggestion focus.
  • Offer recipes and shopping lists for budget friendly meals for two, or for larger families.
  • Interesting weird fact finds. The latest sport team news pertaining to preschool or grade school sports. Pinterest fails or unique tweaks to them that turned out cool. You know, off the wall but still stop for a second and read items.
  • Can they be the Holiday Cheermiester? What can they do to help others during the holidays via their page? A LOT! Recipes again, bargain watching, help be a secret shopper, hunt down cheery news from around the globe or just their city.
  • Pet food recipes for those with service animals. OR coupons from national pet supply places that are up to date and able to be copied off.
  • Share those ridiculous tabloid news articles just to make people smile.
  • What can they critique for people that would be helpful? Others perhaps that are in the same boat they’re in being at home and could use real life feedback on what’s helpful to their circumstance.
  • If they don’t want to RUN a page, then as your gift to them, locate several pages you think they’d enjoy watching or participating in.


  • Do they like to research things having to do with history? How about encouraging them to offer to do lineage research for friends or family? They could possibly even make a few bucks doing it, especially if they make it super budget friendly for those around them, just to elicit or entice more folks to let them. There CAN be costs involved in doing the research, so factor that in. But one ZARZAND’s founders (who happens to be writing this, paid a teen in their world to do it, which is why this idea is making this section… I paid the kid $15 and the costs for the info he brought me totaled a whopping additional $9.00 because he belonged to an unlimited search engine.) LOVED the simple info he passed along that I had no idea about.


  • Get them a throw away phone with a number that won’t mean anything to their inner circle. One they never answer verbally, and one you can commit to keeping air time minutes on. Now encourage them to:


  • Text people with words of encouragement
  • Send bad puns
  • Groan worthy jokes
  • Tabloid headlines that WILL TOTALLY NOT be life changing after all lol
  • A faith based quote
  • For those who pray, tell them how you’re praying for them this week
  • Let them know when a favorite holiday show is airing an on what channel
  • 10 day countdowns to other people’s birthdays or anniversaries so they know they’re being thought of
  • Inspirational quotes that really impact or speak to them
  • Send texts to their dog or cat or fish or birds or??? Mark it to the pets name, and only speak in the sounds that animal makes. If they respond in human words, only reply in additional animal sounds. But do it weekly just because it’ll make the other person smile and scratch their heads. Something their animals also do. : )


  • Do they have a YouTube channel star hiding inside of them? What if it doesn’t lead to viral shares? Or have a bazillion followers? Most don’t. But what if there’s someone out there who can related to whatever they share, or HOW they share it, or WHY they’re sharing it? Someone who might genuinely love to count on what’s shared? Maybe the very reason they’re board, is what will be what’s embraceable by the ones who watch. Encouraging our other halves to share themselves more broadly, can lead to so many undiscovered roads for them.


  • Get them helping someone who is in the process of building something creative wise:


  • Are they somebody who has the skill to create coloring book pages artistry wise? Maybe unique ones that others in their circumstances can relate to? Do they maybe just have ideas for them to create off of?


  • Do they speak as well as write a language fluently that would be helpful to an author, whether for public use or private?


  • There are so many musicians out there looking for someone to put words to their melodies, and just as many song writers, who have lyrics, but no ability to put them to music. Down load those music apps and turn their laptop keyboard into a piano, or guitar. Music transcription, getting those actual notes down on paper would help no small number of people if they have that skill.


  • Let them collaborate with someone who is making coupon books for; couples, singles, parents, teachers, etc.


  • Share their poetry with someone else or a group who are looking to self-publish, and need more material.


  • Encourage them to assist in the editing for a single artists or a band who need a sound engineer. Once again, there’s apps for that, but that doesn’t equate out to having the background in how to do it… Your partner can do that from home.


  • Is their art, whatever media that is, something that could add to someone’s art show? Or their knowledge of how to create something that an online school could add to their student’s being apprenticed so someday they can take their place among the artisans?


  • Do they have a strong voice and reading ability? Could they do sound bites for those who are doing Vlogs, or trying to get their books onto an audio program?