A cloudy skies kind of week? Whether that’s physically, or emotionally…

Give them a box of sunshine

With the exception of the actual fruits and the eggs, most of these can be found at a dollar store. Mix and match some of the following along with a note that assures them that grey clouds are going to clear up…


  1. A lemonade
  2. Sour lemon drops
  3. Yellow Jelly Beans, Yellow Salt water taffy, Lemon Star Bursts
  4. A pineapple (Unless this needs to be a small box space wise)
  5. A hand drawn sun with a smiley face
  6. A banana
  7. Yellow Playdough (Yes, you can buy single colors.)
  8. Lemon throat drops
  9. Yellow Post it Notes
  10. Yellow foaming hand soap
  11. A recipe card on how to cook eggs sunny side up, or make Dutch Babies/German Pancakes
  12. Yellow socks
  13. Hard boil and dye some eggs (think Easter eggs… 2 cups cold water, a good long squirt of yellow food dye & 2 table spoons white vinegar) yellow and leave in fridge for quick snacks
  14. Lemon cookies
  15. Twinkies
  16. Lemon cake mix box
  17. Smiley face stress ball
  18. A bag of Skittles along with a note saying, “Here’s hoping your rain showers turn into Skittle showers."


Note* If you want to add even more, actual candy stores will have additional assortments of yellow candies to choose from. ( You might want to try to locate a yellow toothbrush at that point though LOL)