For those times when you both just need to not focus on the real life details of your day to day. The games suggested here encourage couples to draw from the company’s imagination and be whisked away for a while, allowing you to be a part of another fantasy world and life. Most games cost less than $20. *Note, YouTube has HOW TO clips for all of these games if you want to check them out.)


  • The EXIT GAMES series by Kosmos are a phenomenal large and diverse series of individual adventures for two, that are reasonably priced. HIGHLY recommend them.


  • CODE NAMES DUET by Czech Games




  • THE ROSE KING by Thames and Kosmos


  • PARFUM, LIGURIA, ALHAMBRA, THEBES etc. by Queen Games This company produces a large series of adventure games, that while not made JUST for 2 players, it’s suited for that. We like them because it allows for the players to place themselves in different centuries, far off places and differing cultures.


  • The TICKET TO RIDE series is not in the under $20 range unfortunately, they range closer to $35-$45, so you’re going to have to save up to secure these if you find you like them as much as we do. But if you’re looking for a game that takes you away from your situation and opens the door to serious adventure, then this series is your vehicle. There are over ten destinations taking you to foreign lands you can choose from, as well as a couple that have additional expansion packs. AND don’t get hung up on the suggested age range, we humbly disagree. Many a date night has had this game in the middle of it. (Note* As the one in charge of the content on this list, AND as someone with 2 TBI’s under her belt, I can tell you, this game is still a viable option for MOST couples.