Includes both self-motivated chair users and those with assistance needed.
    • Ever shoot some pool? Billiard tables usually have a fairly decent amount of space around them so people can move around without hitting anyone with the pool cue. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of arm movement to play either.

    Mini-golf typically have paths that are also large and roomy enough to accommodate wheelchairs. An additional plus to this activity, is there’s no one way to putt those balls, so multiple motor skill abilities can be accommodated.


    • Cut out a couple dozen small hearts out of paper, and write a small note of encouragement on them such as: Good effort on your part for reading this book! Pat yourself on the back for caring enough to put in the time! — or — Relationship is hard, good for you for making an extra effort! — or — Your partner is lucky to have someone who cares enough to read up on strengthening relationship! — Then go hide them inside relationship self-help books at your local library or book store. While you’re there, pick up a book for you two that looks good.


    • Take a Knife to It! Had a stressful week? Release some stress on some fruits and vegetables! Have fun carving pumpkins, or if it’s out of season, grab a watermelon and carve it up! When you’re done, if you have access to down loading games and apps, locate a game called FRUIT SUSHI to play with one another in keeping with the theme of this date. There are kid arcades out there that have large screen versions of this game that can be played from a chair. You can always call ahead to see if your local arcades have it and add that to your date if the stress comes down enough after you’ve carved.


    • How about a date whose focus is brightening a total stranger’s world? Go find a small local restaurant, and order something small. Turn the focus of the date into making your waiter or waitress’s day! Bring them a single flower. Have a couple good short jokes ready to read to them, just to make them smile. Can you afford to pick up a movie ticket for them to use on an off-day? Or maybe a small gift card for a Dairy Queen treat? — You don’t have to leave them a huge tip (but be as gracious as you’re able to!) Just having stopped to make them smile will have been a gift. It’s a tough job.


    • Pick up some peel & stick googly eyes at your local craft store, or order them online if that’s easier, as they’re pretty darn cheap. Then head to the grocery store and randomly stick them on jars of pickles, catsup, a box of Jell-O or ??? It’s all about making others smile and having fun doing something lighthearted and low-key. You both will roll away smiling too (avoid fresh fruits or vegetables though… yeah, won’t go over as well, haha.).


    • Does one of you want or need a manicure or pedicure? Take your partner out to get one, then YOU sit next to them, and read to them while they’re getting it. Pick out a book or magazine article that you know they’ll appreciate. Poetry, if they’re built like that. Or… put your brave on and write them a letter, not caring who else is hearing it while they’re being pampered. Love up on ’em just for the sake of having them there to love up on.


    • Feel the need to get out near some water? Many cities stock local ponds and lakes with fish. Why not go drop a line in? Catch and release, or if they’re edible, there’s dinner for you or your pets. Check ahead for accessible docks/piers and paths.

    Don’t want to harm the fish on any level? Don’t use a hook. Just place a worm on the line or some kind of chum, and throw in. There you go. Free lunch for them fishies, and you’ll still have the fun of feeling the tug on the line as they accept your offerings.

    And while you’re near the waterhow about feeding the ducks! When’s the last time you grabbed some grain/corn and headed to the nearest pond? (No bread products, those actually cause harm to our feathered friends.) Local pet stores carry options.


    • Are there skateboard or bike parks (indoor or outdoor) in your area? There’s a way to add some WHOO HOO to your date! Caution and precautions are obvious necessities, but seriously, there’s potential for some fun there. There are even some Park & Rec. Departments offering wheelchair obstacle-courses. If yours doesn’t, try asking them to set one up sometime, or see if your local United Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis or Veterans Association chapters could arrange one. It might not have occurred to them.


    • Hit the Road. Where’s your favorite park or local trail? These make great intimate date spots! Many nature trails are paved. (check for a list of trails near you!)


    • Video Game Tournament! This can be done on a game system or smartphone! The Wii is especially fun.


    • Take to the tracks when you have the money and time to splurge and go catch a train. Choose a day trip destination, and enjoy the slow pace of the ride, getting to focus on just the two of you!


    • Go hide one dollar bills at your local Dollar store just for fun. It’s especially fun to hide them in the toy area. Attach a sticky note to them saying, HAVE A GREAT DAY!


    • Does your area have a Segway tour? Great way to add a touch of understanding as the person not in a chair comes to grasp a few new things about life with wheels. And the tours are built around paths that are wheel-user friendly. Bear that in mind and take notes for your next outing.


    • Feel like something off-the-wall, silly, but commendable too? Do you like fish? Find a local aquarium store, and head on over to see what MONSTER FISH they might have in stock. You know, the GINORMOUS fish who probably came in and was handed over because they outgrew their tank, and the old owners weren’t prepared. Fish shop owners try their best to help out in times like that, but it can become an unfair burden on them as well. They only have so much space too, and they don’t make money on these wet pets in these situations…


    People sponsor dogs and cats at the local shelter all the time. You can read their write-ups online. But no one does that for these poor loveable scaly guys. Bring a pad of paper, and do a short mock write-up for one of the Big’uns. Give them a name, make it glamorous, and tell the world what a great guy or gal this fish is. Then rather than using your date money for dinner, opt for just a dessert, use the extra to pay their placement fee (adoption fee) so that someone is more inclined to give them a home. You’ll catch their eye with your fun story, give the shop owner a chuckle, and hopefully find that fish a home sooner versus later!


    • There are wheelchair dance classes available in more and more areas. See what’s available in your neck of the woods.


    • These are some standard ideas that bare listing:

    Live Music. Look up the local listings, or stumble into the corner   restaurant’s live music night. Maybe opt to attend an Open Mic Night.

    Check around to see what’s playing at your local IMAX theater.

    Does your town have a historical society, or different types of museums? These facilities are great places for a date.

    If your city has a professional sports team, a minor-league team or local college or other school age teams, catching a game is a great way to enjoy each other!

    • And speaking of sports… Plan a time out to go support your local wheelchair-friendly sports teams. You may be surprised to know how many adaptive sport teams are out there. Go cheer them on, and maybe you’ll get an itch to try out something yourselves, along the way. Check out our box right here in this same Dates With A Difference section called Adaptive Sports for ideas and links on how to find your closest outlets, teams & venues.


    • LAST BUT NOT LEAST ~There’s a great app out there that our team has seen called, Access Now. Great download that allows you to search specific venues and destinations around hundreds of cities for accessibility ratings and details. We’re not connected in any way to this company, we’re just plugging it in this section because it stands the chance of helping our site visitors out in this section.