• Try your hand at some raised bed gardening. From individual planters, to full-fledged boxes - spend your minutes planting, nurturing and reaping the benefits of some flowers, herbs or produce. Its therapeutic; whatever you opt to plant, can be exchanged as something personal between the two of you Live someplace where you can’t do one outdoors? There are indoor options as well that can be found on Amazon, etc.


    • Set up some friendly competition with coffee table, sport games. Ping pong nets can be set up on the edge the same way they can be fitted for a kitchen or actual ping pong table. All sorts of retail stores carry them in a kit along with two paddles. Add some balloons in to the game for a switch up. OR, pick up a couple of these additional table top sports games that all have slightly larger game pieces for easier handling:


    Coinhole Board Game by Hasbro

    Otrio by Brain Workshop

    PlingPong by Buffalo Games

    Spin Off also by Buffalo Games

    Skee Ball again, by Buffalo Games

    Giant Sized Jumbling Tower by Cardinal Industries (Think JengaTM)

    Toss Across by also by Cardinal Industries

    Giant Ker Plunk by Cardinal Industries


    • Are you a tie-dye fan? Pick up some white coffee mugs at your local Dollar Store, some fingernail polish from there as well, and create yourselves some one of a kind watercolor cups.Super easy and super inexpensive. Do one a piece to exchange, or create a whole set. Make some as gifts maybe. Here’s a short link to how to accomplish these:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCWkh-CmsIU



    • Try your hand at flower arrangements,but restrict yourselves to fruits and vegetables from the produce department.No, we’re not talking edible arrangements, we’re talking ones that are meant to be nice to look at. Unless you want to go with ones that as the saying goes, only a mother could love.... You’ll be surprised at  how many options there are around us that we’d never think to place in a vase. But they’re there, and right in the grocery store. You can grab some thin dowels ahead of time at a craft or home improvement store. If you’re going to keep it smaller and more delicate, think BBQ skewers or chop sticks.


    • Settle back with some snacks and beverages, and taking into consideration your specific states license plates, see how many pretend vanity license plates you can come up with between the two of you, WITHOUT looking them up online.Then, once you’ve made your lists, see how many are already out there, or were you able to come up with something totally new and novel. It’s just for fun, and low key. If you want, do themes and see who can come up with the most ones sticking to it. Another variance to this game, is attempting to think of domain names that haven’t already been used as a dot com or a dot org without stepping into whimsical names that have zero real meaning, like Google, Bing, etc.


    •  Maybe hiking isn’t your #1 first choice, so hitting those mountain tops is off the list… Make a list of the highest places you can get to in your city instead, and hit as many of those as possible in one outing. Think skyscrapers, bridges with pedestrian options, anywhere transit can travel. Want to get really daring? If you have an indoor skydiving facility in your vicinity, add that height to your list… Of course, you don’t have to do them all in one outing. This makes for some fun adventures as you keep getting out for dates.


    • Find yourself a quiet corner, haul out a laptop, and spend an hour or so on search engines looking up really great life hacks. Hunt down the truly GOOD ones. Ones you’ll actually use. We’re not talking relational ones here, this is a DATE… Make it fun or at the very least outer world changing, versus inner world. But by all means, feel free to schedule a relationship life hack hunt on a day when it’s less about fun and more about strengthening you.


    • Go on a photo scavenger hunt.You can do this one by stepping out into the community, heading to the local mall, or just by getting online. Decide on how many items will be your goal to photograph, and how much time you’ll allow yourselves to accomplish that. What will be your theme? Do you want to make it easy and laid back, or are you game for making it a slightly more difficult challenge?


    Here are just a few ideas for both. Again, you can opt to do this online by cruising through web sites like  National GeographicTM, ,or PinterestTM., a clothing catalogue or go to a retail.com site. BUT NO CHEATING  by asking a Search engine to do all the work! And of course, you don’t really have to take a picture, that parts totally up to you. The fun is in the hang time and doing a game together:


    Easier: Find things to photograph that must have both of your first initials in their spelling.

    Harder: Add your last names initials. OR, only photograph things that have each first letter initials to your individual names, just doing one of your names at a time.


    Easier: Find clothing mannequins that are posed to look like they’re actively doing something, rather than just standing there posing.

    Harder: Grab pictures of mannequins that are decked out in the same colors that you’re wearing on your date out.


    Easier: Take pictures that coordinate with the kids game ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Staying in order, first locate something made from stone, then a paper product, then an item that either has actual scissors visible or that has at one point been cut to create it.

    Harder: Set a timer on your phone or watch, and after you actually PLAY Rock/Paper/Scissors with one another, whoever loses, gets timed locating in order, items using whichever two words made them lose. So if PAPER covers Rock, they have to fine those two items as fast as possible, starting with something paper.


    • We’re all told to consider taking a class as a couple for a fun date, it’s not all that bad of an idea ~ but do your best to find a one-time class or group activity, that you’d never really consider for any other reason than to just have fun. Maybe you’ll opt for a series of classes that run for a few weeks. These are all actually real things out there:

    Go do Yoga with goats, cats or puppies. All three are actually available.

    Take a cookie decorating class.

    Find yourself a drum or percussion teacher, it’s a great way to set out some energy. Better yet, try a culturally based drum lesson.

    Borrow your neighbor’s dog, and go do a training class at your local pet store.

    Try your hand at Japanese fencing.

    Locate your local board game store and attend a drop in game hour.

    Learn how to cook with insects or some other science based cooking class.