You had a date night planned, or you have a standing date night which you keep faithfully, but tonight, it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. Maybe there’s been a medical crisis, theirs or someone else’s that has things on hold. There’s medically or mental health based reasons that happen more often than you can count that shut date nights down. DOESN’T MATTER what the reason is, if it still comes down to it had it be called off an you’re sitting there alone. Don’t let the time you had set aside to bond with your other half go to waste. Do something that still allows you to walk away feeling a little more bonded to your partner whether they’re there or not. Try one of these:
  • Call their mom or dad and thank them for making it possible for you to look forward to having their kid on future dates. Ask them to tell you a favorite memory of your partner.
  • Kiss a piece of paper several dozen times (no lipstick necessary LOL) and then write them a note saying “You hold in your hand a gazillion kisses an I just need you to have them.” Explain when you’ve done so they understand that paper is a treasure now. Have a cell phone? Take a selfie of you kissing the paper to attach or send later as proof. Remember, this is about you being lovey dovey so don’t blow this off as too mushy…
  • Is your date recovering from a surgery, a mental health moment, or other circumstance where you’re waiting for them to wake up/stabilize by a bedside? Feel free to leave love notes taped to their bedrail to wake up to… even if they won’t see it for possibly a good long time. It will still make YOU feel better knowing it’s there.
  • Are you even semi decent with words? Make up a short story depicting a date you would love to go on with them, feeling free to totally exaggerate what the details could look like. Jot it all down and read it to them or send it to them later. You can leave it on a voicemail for them to find later.
  • Are you able to have a phone call? Verbally undress them over the phone. Be specific. Make it OH MY GOSH worthy…. Yes, you can do that. Leave it on their voicemail IF ITS SAFE TO.
  • Due to a medical procedure YOU’RE having, will you possibly be unable to keep your date? Ask a couple people to call your other half up and tell them to remind them you love them, or that they make a world of difference to you. Have them leave it on your loved ones voice mail FOR YOU. We’ve seen no small number of nurses agree to help with this, Chaplains etc. Not hard to do, you just have to be willing to ask.
  • This takes a couple extra steps, but it’s sure to bring a smile. Can you enlarge a picture of your date’s face on a copier, cut it out and tape it to the end of a broom or mop handle? Now put on a slow dance song (be specific if you two have a special song) and get someone to video tape you slow dancing to it and smiling at your lover’s picture. Do it selfie style if need be. Its FOR FUN people. Again, these are all about you doing something that says to the other person, you’re still very much the center of this date time we’d set aside.