How you feel about your body, and whether it lives up to your personal wishes to how it looks, feels, operates and cooperates, may not mirror how your partner feels. Their personal fondness for every square inch of you doesn’t have to reflect yours.


Their love for you, and universal love for your body in turn, may still draw your partner to want that closeness, even if you can’t feel that touch, get aroused or stimulated by their touch, or return their touch.


You believing they want to touch you may be hard to fathom, and their not being drawn to still wanting to, may be something they can’t fathom.


— Food for thought. —


For those of you who are hoping your partner reads and grasps hold of this to where it makes a difference ~ No bullying ~ Even soft subtle bullying.

They’re not in your shoes, and you aren’t in theirs.

Be patient, reaffirming, and most importantly,

willing to let them have the last piece of chocolate as they’re weighing all this out.