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Yes, You Can Walk Away

In too far?

No exit in sight?

Feeling trapped?

ZARZAND understands.

From being involved in the industry to soliciting, pornography, chat rooms, websites, masters & mistresses, the list is lengthy. Whichever end of it you’re on, there are resources.

You can walk away. No matter how hopeless you may feel in trying to picture what that could or would look like, there ARE ways to make it happen.

ZARZAND is here to encourage you and connect you with organizations, which have seen many individuals experience freedom and find a new path. We understand that there are many secondary addictions and numerous invisible bondages that keep us in the industry or participating within. However, we are here to confidently say, YOU CAN WALK AWAY. Stay tuned for a growing archive of resources that we believe will bring hope, healing and renewed skills to your life.