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Thoughts On the Daily Inspirations for Romantics

Let's face it; romantic gestures convey a lot. From "I'm attracted to you, you really have captured my attention," to "I think I'll be attracted to you for a very long time, and no one else could ever hold my attention like this." You start with romantic exchanges, and if you want to keep that relationship moving forward, you have to continue to extend romantic gestures. When you stop, so does a necessary part of what holds two hearts together.

Maybe you're a natural born romantic, but more likely, you're like the majority of people who aren't. Or are you one of the millions of people who face additional hurdles to the standard ideas or romantic suggestions found in books or on websites? No worries, we've got you covered. Whether it's financial, medical, physical dynamics, or logistic considerations, whatever, we're committed to finding ways to keep everyone as much in the game as possible. Will it still take effort? Definitely. Will it be worth your effort? Absolutely.

Whenever we show someone that he or she deserves to be treated extra special, we help earn the privilege of sharing more of his or her time. Romance conveys just that. Think of it like oxygen. It's not just necessary for quality of life; it's what keeps things alive. Never under estimate its effect on relationships.


For those facing medical/physical restrictions, you may need to ASK SOMEONE to help you accomplish certain details depending on the details of your disability. DON'T let this detour you from implementing the idea! Come on, be willing to go that extra mile to accomplish your goal.

Lets say you can’t access a computer printer to pull off those ideas that suggest printing something, here’s the deal, you’re going to HAVE TO LEARN TO LIKE DRAWING… we hear groans & swearing happening all over the place right now. Put your brave on and realize it's not about qualifying for an art show; it's about conveying the thought behind the gesture. We’ll offer a sample idea of how to sketch out each idea right along with printable images. Come on, if you don't have a printer, well, those are your facts. But if you're here looking at some of our ideas, then we'll trust you WANT to romance someone. Truthfully, often times, taking the time to draw means more to the recipient than an actual printed version. Its one more sign of your commitment, and that’s rarely taken lightly.

Lastly, we work to throw out ideas that take into consideration that budgets are tight. Many of our suggestions can be pulled off for between five and ten bucks. Several have no costs whatsoever. Even if there is a cost involved, read the idea anyway, as sometimes its possible to modify the cost. REMEMBER --- Bartering, trading and sharing are totally worth it and can open doors to all sorts of great moments. Someone really smart once said, "You have not, because you ask not…" We couldn't agree more.

Your ZARZAND team :)