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Ministers & Ministries

This address is specifically intended for the folks in ministry who want to impact their community within the context of the sex industry at large. For everyone who manages to work with the porn star, sex shop owner, sex addict, pimp, porn user, streetwalker, trafficked minor, devastated spouse, sex offender and victim, all with equal compassion and mercy, we say HAT'S OFF TO YOU! Your hearts and energies are being stretched to levels few can relate to or understand unless they're alongside you in those efforts. The obstacles you face are as diverse as the many lives you interact with. A profound thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who've met with us and allowed us to hear from you along the way.

We have also had opportunity to visit at length with multiple city and state officials including social workers, police officers, special victims crime units, rape crisis counselors, emergency workers, judges, district attorneys, defense lawyers, prison staff, therapists and lawmakers. Ministry groups make a tremendous difference in their efforts. Some of the staff at ZARZAND work in these positions as well, and we concur.

Our site hopes to offer your groups several forms of assistance:

Resources (which are often limited) on how to help those who've come out of sex industries and trafficked backgrounds or those who have other victimization histories talk about what they want sex and intimacy to look like or not look like now. We'll tackle the realities of day-to-day issues involving altered sex organs and sex drives, ways to deal with their “private thought life”, and how to live with one or more STDs. For individuals whose bodies have only known the extreme, it can be a very real kindness being able to talk compassionately as well as concretely about those issues.

When sexuality and gender orientation enters the conversation, the mutual sharing of convictions can become strained. Beyond basic facts & findings ZARZAND offers strategies that may ease some tensions for everyone involved.

We will also discuss matters and statistics surrounding those who are in ministry and are still battling many of the very issues they work to lend support and aid to within the realm of sex & intimacy. We'd like to say one thing here specifically: If that's you, just because you're tripping over your own shoe laces, doesn't mean you can't still help someone learn how to tie their own shoes.

Yes, this is an intimacy site. But it is not a typical intimacy site. Hopefully you'll take some time to browse through our pages and get a feel for ZARZAND'S mission and goals. We're not here to represent or assist just one specific group. We're here to help everyone better understand and relate to everyone. We have a zero tolerance policy on pornography, and we hold all parts of this site to that standard. Only respectful conversation is allowed on our pages. Several subjects we address are considered controversial, but to be clear, discussion of a particular matter doesn't suggest or imply endorsement of it. ZARZAND supports people, not topics. If you've worked in the area of sex-based ministries for very long, you'll understand why that is imperative. It is difficult if not impossible to establish a trusting relationship if both parties aren't convinced they're unconditionally respected and valued. Being prepared to hear their whole story, and then hold conversation, no matter what the details, isn’t just beneficial, it’s necessary. There will be many testimonies on this site. Our hope is that they can be a part of the preparation for those exchanges.

ZARZAND acknowledges that there are religious convictions in regards to sexual topics, many of which are as equally rooted in science and common sense as they are in doctrine or beliefs. When facts back up faith, we find it reasonable to acknowledge that as well. It is an encouragement to far too large a portion of society.

Thank you for considering our efforts and taking the time to see what ZARZAND will offer.


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