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To Our Military Visitors
and Their Families

ZARZAND Inc. and its entire staff wish to thank our military personnel and their families for their sacrifices. Our gratitude also goes to the agencies and networks providing support to these families. We recognize that much of your day-to-day activities are those that only others in similar positions can understand.

We have spoken at length with husbands and wives, engaged couples, and those dating within your ranks. You allowed our team to meet with your support networks and "embed" ourselves in the middle of your relationships, as well as your divorces. Much time has been spent talking extensively with your widows and widowers. We have spoken at length with individuals and couples trying to regroup after medical injuries changed the dynamics of their love lives.

ZARZAND has also had the honor of spending time with families dealing with PTSD & TBI issues. There is no way to not mention these groups in particular, as the war they are waging can't just be won or called off. Your issues are unique. And yet, you're in the same game we all are, trying your best to love and to be loved back.

And yes, we will address issues involved with MST. We will give support and resources to move forward with physical intimacy when the IUD not only cost you physical limbs, but genetailia as well. There won't just be conversation regarding how pornography has had a distinct effect on all your circles, but we'll give ideas, for those looking for it, on ways to step off and away from it. All these topics and more will be handled with the utmost of sensitivity & respect, mixed heavily with some real live taking it to the sheets practicality.

We genuinely believe we can offer all of you extra support and encouragement, not just in empathy and words, but in small, practical suggestions and ideas that will help fortify the relationships you're trying to maintain while at the same time trying to insure our safety and freedom. We'll have resources that go beyond S.O.P. and “clinical.” We have people in your world working with us to build those tools. Our Daily Inspirations For Romantics includes modifications for those separated by deployment, as well as those facing a number of medical challenges. Dozens of free email-friendly resources will be supplied for your use, so you can easily share simple gestures of your affection. ZARZAND is not just here to cheer you on, but our commitment is to assist you both on the front lines as well as on your home front. Saying "we owe you one" doesn't capture it; saying we promise to focus on some of your specific needs, hopefully does.