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Realities are, when inmates rejoin society, the extent to which they have been able to preserve or nurture their relationships with those on the outside, and the general subsequent health of those relationships, are key factors in determining how successful each inmate will be in their on-going lives. ZARZAND recognizes the many complex dynamics involved trying to help this specific population in both these areas. We also understand that outside relationships directly impact the overall atmosphere within the prison walls on a daily basis. Any effort to help couples maintain relationships, let alone develop even stronger and healthier ones cannot be seen as insignificant from our perspective.

It is our conviction that in addition to inmates receiving job skills and incentives for better decision making, they would benefit greatly from:

We believe it makes sense to provide incentives and access to resources in support of these areas, not just in literature but in tangible ways to help start building on what’s taught.

We would like to offer our help. Please browse through the “issue” buttons and get an idea of what will be offered and what might be helpful to you. Great effort has gone into making certain that all material is genuinely respectful. ZARZAND has a zero tolerance policy regarding soft and hard porn, as well as offensive or insensitive conversation practices. We do not speak to just one sexual orientation. We do encourage considering the merits of sharing sexual intimacies with only one partner.

Under the button Daily Inspirations for Romantics, visitors will find an ever-growing list of simple realistic ideas meant to inspire & assist men & women that are in a relationship. A vast majority have been purposefully modified in order to be user friendly to those in the inmate population. PLEASE take a moment to check out that section in order to get a clearer idea on how we’ll accomplish that. Additionally, a large amount of free downloads, so anyone can easily share simple gestures of their affection, will be available. Each page will be a card or a blank coupon that can be filled out and personalized. Several will offer sentiments that standard industry cards do not, capturing exchanges that only couples balancing incarceration can relate to. Everything ZARZAND offers can legally be printed off or sent through email for use by inmates and/or their loved ones, again, all at no cost. (* Specific individual institution rules & guidelines notwithstanding.) And to be clear, no lewd or illicit material will be involved, just a vast array of simple ideas to help people nurture their relationships.

If you are able, please consider sharing what you can with those inside, whether you work at a facility, come in as a ministry leader, are family members or a friend. Make copies of our Daily Inspirations for Romantics and pass them out or mail them in, at whatever level is allowed. Since computer access is highly restricted in most facilities, without question, our ability to make a difference will depend on those working or interacting personally with inmates, but we will do our best to provide resources. The fact isn’t lost on ZARZAND that many of our resources may very well serve to inspire or encourage some of you as well. That works for us!

A final thought goes out to inmates and their loved ones: Some of the staff members at ZARZAND have either had a loved one incarcerated or been incarcerated themselves. For this reason, there is a personal and sincere interest in this topic. Don't let the bad days overshadow your ability to focus on what can be ahead for you. Every one of us is doing our best to love and to be loved back. Stay Encouraged.


Valuing creative, healthy & thoughtful intimacy.