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Putting a Human Face On it All

Unedited on purpose.

True testimonies, wrapped in first hand, authentic voice.

ZARZAND has made a commitment to the unheard voices, affected by the sex industry and beyond. Voices that we do not normally have the privilege of hearing from. Yes, privilege. These voices have bravely put in words their perspective, heartaches and experience. Though these testimonies are not exhaustive, the glimpse into their hearts will rock you to your core. These testimonies will expand your heart and worldview.

Please know, they are unedited and raw. They always will be. ZARZAND can promise that.

Also, some testimonies do make mention of how the sharer’s personal faith convictions played a role in their circumstances. ZARZAND’s policy regarding faith or religious convictions, is to allow room for those who choose to acknowledge it within their lives to do so, just as freely and without judgment, as those who hold no convictions. We’ll say it more than once through out our site, our goal is to offer “food for thought.” That holds true in this section and every other.

When asked, “What is one thing that you would like to express, if a million people could know what it is like to have been sex trafficked, a stripper, a porn star, a prostitute, a madam, a pimp or a porn addict; or, just as relevant, the father, mother, child, brother, sister or caregiver of any of the previous?”

Here is what they had to say: