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High Risk Couples

Who exactly does ZARZAND see as a high-risk couple?

Our goal in providing this section is to bring additional support and inspiration to individuals and their partners, whose day-to-day details frequently promote distancing or require extreme sacrifice within the relationship. These include but are not limited to:

It’s a long list isn’t it? But if you’re on it, you know WHY you’re on it.

What specifically will ZARZAND bring to the table that other romance or relationship sites aren’t already covering? Some empathy? Yes. You deserve some. But also some “reality” in how we address your needs. Because you face some steady reality many other just can’t relate to. We’re not speaking out of training and education; we’re coming to you live from “our ideas were collected from those who’ve stood in your shoes. “Hundreds of hours have been spent putting together resources tailored to meet your unique needs. Our Daily Inspirations For Romantics bares those in mind. And over time, entire sections will be dedicated to connecting you with resources that further acknowledge and address your efforts to be a good partner to the one you share your love with.

What can be accomplished
in 60 seconds

Dedicated to those within the PTSD community, couples dealing with TBI, Adult ADD and other challenges, as well as those with limited strength & stamina.
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