How to Use ReadSpeaker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inspiration for the name ZARZAND?

One of the founders sponsors a child out of country. Zarzand is his name. The name’s meaning is: To have a great fear or to overcome a great fear. We felt that was pretty accurate when dealing with some of our subject matter as it pertains to relationship issues.

Who is creating your resources?

There are countless people who have offered up their time and ideas to put together our content. The majority of those people are individuals or couples who consider themselves a part of one or more of our focus groups.

How are you determining which resources to create?

We consider ourselves a hub of different people groups meshing together in order to define what the needs are. Then we assess what solutions can or cannot be readily found or easily accessed. When we see specific holes in those walls coming up repeatedly across the board, we direct our attention there.

Are you a for-profit company?

Yes. We hope to generate a profit at some point. Where as we have a handful of private contractors we’ve needed so far, 80% of everything on the site has come together through individuals donating their time because they’re vested in what we’ve created.

How is your revenue being spent?

Presently, there is not revenue. It’s an out of pocket adventure. Cash flow currently heads towards site design and maintenance, domain premiums, attorney consultations, state and federal fees, and some freelance private contracting. We have our eyes set on creating some specific resources that will require capital, and when that falls into place, we’ll focus some funds those directions as well.

Are all people of different sexual orientations welcome on this site?

Without question.

Is there an opportunity for guest blogs?

Yes. If you have an idea or suggestion, or if you yourself are a blogger, feel free to contact us at We do not guarantee publication, but if we like it, you’ll hear from us.