How to Use ReadSpeaker


We're going to assume if you're reading our address to Ministers and Ministries, there's a realistic possibility that you've got some level of personal faith convictions. It's hardly standard practice for sites discussing intimacy and relationship issues as well as the many varied subtopics to address visitors with religious convictions, but ZARZAND is not your typical intimacy/relationship site. While it is in no way a ministry or religious based website, years of study have gone into creating this site, and some members of our team have spent many of those years considering how their own religious upbringings have helped form their individual convictions about intimacy as well as society's in general.

Is it okay for people of faith to spend time on this adult intimacy site, or any other? Visitors will have to decide that for themselves. Great effort has been made to provide a site that allows for mature and thoughtful conversation and inspiration, all within a framework that upholds our motto of valuing creative, healthy, and thoughtful intimacy practices. For ZARZAND, that entails a zero pornography policy. Every topic addressed is done so because people everywhere are dealing with it at some level. That includes people of faith. They’re looking for reasonable answers and reassurance they’re not alone in having questions. Hoping for concrete ways to move beyond past places where they’ve struggled or been wounded. Nor is there any one circle of people immune to the work involved with keeping a relationship alive and healthy. Divorce statistics prove that. The need to find strong inspiration and resources is crucial. ZARZAND believes we have created a safe and encouraging place to help facilitate our visitors in finding those resources.

God says He knows the plans He has for you, plans to do you good, to bring you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29). Your intimacy life can include every bit of that amazing promise. Regardless of your faith community, this should be the case, and it’s realistic. No matter what has happened in your past, you can take hold of a future you can feel good about. So feel free to both read and browse. No one expects to find agreement on every issue, nor is that the goal. Researching or evaluating any subject does not imply you embrace all the specifics involved with it. By all means, pray about what you find. Only hold on to those things that resonate as right and true within you, and set aside what doesn’t. That's what this site is all about, making choices. It's about choosing to expand your current ideas regarding intimacy as well as choosing to expand your list of ideas on how to bless the one you are in relationship with.