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Dealing with PTSD

ZARZAND has team members who live every day with PTSD. They have it, or their spouses have it. Some have secondary PTSD. And all these diagnoses have come from no small number of differing traumas…

You GET it, and WE GET it.

We’ve worked hard to create a section for our PTSD community. Its not like we have all the answers. But as we try to face ourselves into the direction of finding ways to keep our relationships intact, we’re going to share how we’re trying and what’s working.

There are plenty of resources that address the many dynamics of how PTSD affects intimacy when it comes to relationships. What we hear from all the different PTSD communities though, is there aren’t very many places to turn to for actual day-to-day realistic ideas.

The stuff on the romance sites makes us laugh, wince, cry, shut down, or trigger… And there is a loud cry for help from the partners and spouses. The media is full of stories about the skyrocketing divorce rate amongst this group. What ZARZAND understands is how many of you are holding on for dear life and looking for some strategy on how to stay connected.

WHAT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED IN 60 SECONDS is dedicated to all of us on this rollercoaster called PTSD. If nothing else, hopefully we can connect up all the different PTSD communities and get some shared dialogue going as to how others are making it work. Even if its just one good idea here and there, that’s a gold mine.