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Dealing with Addiction

There are countless forms of both individual as well as combined addictions in every community and circle of people groups. No one is immune, and no one can fully capture in words the long and short-term affects it has on every aspect of our lives, most certainly our relationships.

Addictions come with a high cost. The price that couples pay is perhaps one of the highest. Trust is a fragile thing in any relationship; the restoring of what has been lost due to an addiction takes time, focus, energy and commitment. Trying to break an addictive habit, facing all the pain involved, and in turn creating new habits requires all of those very same things. It can be beyond difficult balancing one while trying to maintain and sustain the other, no matter which side of the addiction you’re on.

ZARZAND’s goal isn’t to address the specifics of addiction, how to break its cycles or to offer counsel. Our primary focus is offering practical day-to-day resources that couples can use while those trusts look to be put back into place.

It’s dang hard. Crazy hard. And there will be days where ground gets lost rather than gained. But on the good days (and the less than good days), don’t be afraid to still throw down even a small effort towards taking better care of your relationship. Let your willingness and desire to send the message that your love and bond genuinely matters speak for itself. Sometimes our actions really do speak louder than words. Two steps forward and one step back is the addiction dance.

ZARZAND encourages both of you to not sit out the dance and to realize the slow dances are usually the most bonding. One day at a time. One small gesture at a time.