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This section is dedicated to several different groups of people.

There’s a growing number of websites and support groups for those in caregiver positions. Its no small subject of focus, and all we can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME! ZARZAND’s goal is two fold: Help create one place where ideas specifically focusing on creative, healthy and thoughtful intimacy can be exchanged between couples and individuals who are facing similar circumstances in the world of care giving. (Not a dating site, an idea exchange hub)

And secondly, we’d like to offer our own inspirations on ways to follow through and act on your desire to keep some romance alive. If you’re here in this section, we’ll assume you’re still attempting to consider or process some aspect of how intimacy is or isn’t happening. So maybe for some, it will be more of how to stir up a desire. Is that a fair enough way to put it? Either way, we’ve got some resources created with our caregivers in mind.

But to be clear… Caregivers aren’t ONE PERSON in a relationship; they’re each an individual who’s involved, committing equally to taking care of their partner to the best of their ability. Its crucial in a relationship that each person not only grasps that, but also at the same time, actually believes there’s a way to succeed at that. Its one thing to WANT to make it happen, it’s another to see ways to accomplish it. There has to be ideas that meet each person in the relationships needs & abilities in trying to flirt and romance.

We’ve made it our goal to compile & create a modified list of resources that accomplishes that.

Check out our Daily Inspirations for Romantics as well as our What Can Be accomplished in 60 Seconds sections. We think you’ll find it’s different than any other set of ideas than you’ll find any place else. Then keep looking; we’ve got other resources available beyond that.

Romance may very well look different for each of us. Some are bed bound. Many are balancing extreme anxiety. Dealing with any level of a TBI is always fascinating… We’ve got bedpans, incontinence, caths and bowel care factoring in. Others are living without limbs. Some partners can’t tolerate being touched because it’s over stimulating and not in a sexually based way, but rather due to nervous system disorders. While burn victims or zero immunity treatment patients put a complete halt on even thinking about touching the ones we love. No small number of people deal daily with a significant amount of pain. Chronic fatigue or weakness limits what we can accomplish. Several of our partners are facing the pending loss of a loved one due to terminal conditions. Many of you are caring for a physically healthy partner who mentally is quietly (or not so quietly) slipping away. And here’s a twist, one that hundreds of thousands face, what about the couples where BOTH partners have medical obstacles? Statistically, millions and millions of people fit into one or more of these categories.

Some of you are here because as you care for an individual you’re not in a romantic relationship. But you know how much it takes to pull it off, and how little of you can sometimes be left when it comes to being there and available for your partner at home. If you already have a partner at home… ZARZAND’s thought about those of you trying to date…. Yeah, bit of a deep sigh drawn there huh?

And specifically to our parent caregivers of their adult kids, some of who are striving for independence in the area of romance, we’d like to hope you’d spend some time in this section both with and for them. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine let alone support a son or daughter in this arena… What a difference you can make by not just encouraging them to believe dating is possible, but also by inspiring them to take the lead in endeavoring to be a really great partner?

However you landed here, please spend time with us. Keep checking in. You won’t be disappointed.