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ZARZAND has created several groups of “E-mailable or download and print” cards (Well that’s what we’re calling them). Feel free to cruise our current selections. This area will be constantly expanding, so keep checking back. Here’s our current selections:

Sending cards seems to be a thing of the past, but we’d like to suggest it’s a tradition worth keeping, even if it looks a little different. Reminding someone that you’re thinking about them isn’t a small thing… And even if your gift isn’t forming the sentiment, the fact that you took the time to share it does make a difference.


  1. If you know someone who can’t access a printer who might benefit from having access to these cards, whether they’re home bound, homeless, incarcerated, deployed, have no printer etc… Would you consider copying a few off and handing them to those folks as an act of kindness? Maybe share our links? THANK YOU. It might make a huge difference for someone.
  2. ZARZAND provides access to these at no cost, and you’re welcome to share them on your website SO LONG AS YOU give credit to ZARZAND for them and don’t make any money off of them yourself. Play fair… don’t make us send Karma a note saying they missed someone…